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Presenters Material

Keynotes and presenters material from uLearn 07 can be downloaded here.
To access these you will need to be logged in and have registered to attend the conference. If you did not attend and want to access these resources contact me or ask someone from your school who was at the conference.
Ewan McIntosh Keynote
A video of Ewan's opening Keynote form the conference, including presentation slides, is available for public viewing here.
Helen Baxter - Link to Helen's Mind Map from Keynote

Conference "BackChat"

Derek Wenmoth challenged us to participate in what he called the "conference backchat"... discussions and responses to the conference themes. Here are some posts in response to the conference that have challenged my thinking.

From Tangled up in Purple - "Thinking about the spaces we exist in"

From Educating the Dragon - Comment and opinion in response to Ewan's Keynote
Ewan’s message rocks
Ewan’s message rocks- Are you sure about that?

uLearn posts from Ewan McIntosh's Blog

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching - Readings session - Notes added by Karen from Takapuna.
One of the activities included in the Peer Coaching session I went to, (facilitated by Mel… and Karen… from CORE Edn) was for a reading. We sat in threes with our backs to each other to read the article, highlighting any phrases, sentences etc, that attracted us. When finished we turned around to face our group.
We had to number ourselves 1 -3. No 1 had to select something he had highlighted, and tell us where it was. No 2 had to say what he thought of this, make a comment about it, or interpret it. No 3 did likewise. No 1 then had to say/summarise what No. 2 said, what No. 3 said and then say what it meant for him. No. 2 then chose a phrase. The rules were that you just had the one turn to speak on each round – you couldn’t come in again and add more to what someone else had to say.
I thought this would be another way of going through readings/books with students or colleagues. Sitting back to back made readers less aware of what others were doing – i.e. more time to read without the feeling of having to rush because others had finished reading.
Over time, having just the one opportunity to speak on each round I imagine, would encourage a more thoughtful answer. The person controlling the phrase or sentence discussed each round had to be a good listener because he/she had to restate what the other two had said before adding his/her ideas/opinion. It was also interesting to hear there were – and could be- different interpretations of the same phrase/sentence. It also gave control of exactly what was discussed to the individual groups.

Some Fun

...and links to some of the amusing interludes presenters shared with us.
Cup stacking world record (referenced in Ewan's Keynote)

Tripod on Gaming

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Student Voice at uLearn

This is a highly interactive breakout where conference attendees will have the opportunity to talk directly with students from a number of Auckland schools who will be demonstrating, sharing and answering questions about their learning through a variety of ICT supported experiences.