Christchurch Convention Centre

7-10 August 2008

Details of our cluster presentations are below.

Helen Rennie-Younger ( Sunnybrae Normal) and Felicity Gamby (Northcote Primary)

e learning in a Junior Classroom:
In this session we will model how e learning has been integrated to support an inquiry approach to learning in the junior classroom. This will include how a class of five year olds have used a digital diary and blog respectively to share and support the students’ inquiry, discovering their backyard. Making use of relevant interactive websites, Kidpix and Moviemaker will be highlighted. Managing resources within a wiki for Year 2 students will also be explored.

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Stephen Gordon and Karen Rodger (Sunnybrae Normal School) Opening the GATE with ICT - Extending GATE students via ICT
Teachers from Sunnybrae Normal School will share their experiences extending GATE students through eLearning. Strategies and examples in writing, maths, reading and oral language will be highlighted as well as relevant online resources. The manner in which these experiences are shared through blogs and pod casts will also be modelled and discussed. Ultimately, this session will review the excitement and challenges of personalising learning for students, how to get started, and where to next?

U Learn O8f Pres
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Fiona Grant and Jenny Merrington (Facilitators, Team Solutions)

‘e’ is for Learning:
The 5 key competencies have been included in the New Zealand Curriculum with the intention of integrating ‘skills,knowledge, attitudes and values’ across all learning areas. How can schools use eLearning strategies to reflect the competencies and support teaching approaches that ‘open up new and different ways of learning’? The aim of this session is for school leaders to explore some strategies and begin to develop a resource for implementing the NZC with consideration to eLearning and links to the principles of effective pedagogy.
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e Is For Learning
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