Transforming Learning - Tony Ryan

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21st April 2008
8:15am- 3:30pm
Venue Sunnybrae Normal School
36 Sunnybrae Road
North Shore
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If you have a school name badge it would be great if you would wear it. There will be name badge stickers available otherwise.
Parking available at the front of the school or on the courts down the driveway.
Morning Tea and Lunch will be provided
Learning Network NZ will have a display of educational books and resources available in the hall for orders and purchase during the day.


eLearning and Pedagogy

"School should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning" (NZC, page 36)

How can ICT open up new and different ways of learning and support thinking and inquiry in the classroom?
8.30am - 10.30am. The Learning Age. Dramatic changes in social and technological structures are impacting on teachers' everyday work. This session will explore some of those impacts, and offer a series of powerful strategies for personally thriving through these constant changes.

Morning Tea

11.00 - 1.00. Classrooms For Pedagogy. This practical session will offer a range of frameworks and strategies for engaging students in their everyday learning. Special emphasis will be placed upon inquiry-based units that contain an ICT and community-oriented basis.


1.45 - 3.30. Sustainable Practice. Great teachers consistently implement effective programs, yet too often find that the effort cannot be sustained. This session will provide several powerful processes for maintaining new initiatives.


Tony Ryan's Website
Tony's Blog
Free Resources from Tony Ryan
Provides you with 100's of pages of quality material.
- The full text from several different books written by Tony Ryan
- A series of information sheets and handouts for use in classroom settings
- Several handouts to be used by civics-minded student groups who want to make a difference in their local community

Tony Ryan Keynote uLearn07

Designing Effective Projects
School Aid
Students Against Landmines
Ryan's Well

Hand outs:

How far did you stretch their thinking...?

Tony's Challenge

Tony made mention throughout the day of many books and articles which have been added below:



Tony has given an overview of each one:

This link explains those engaged strategies he shared with us