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Voice Thread - Cluster Strategies

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Lead School Model

Sunnybrae Normal School
Principal Jennie Stewart and Lead Teacher Stephen Gordon share strategies for planning the delivery of professional development in their school.
This includes how the have planned to support and integrate the goals of the ICT PD contract in their school wide approach.
Please feel free to email either Jennie or Stephen if you have questions or requests.

Reflection and Communication Strategies

Cluster Blog - VirtualNorth

As a facilitator the cluster blog enables me to communicate and reflect on cluster events and issues and strategies that impact on the way we work and the goals of the cluster. I aim to post regularly, at least once a week and keep blog posts short and to the point with links to further information if needed.

Central North Shore wiki

As a facilitator I use the wiki to supplement my blog posts if further information and support is required. All cluster communications, programmmes and resources are also posted through the wiki. Email is only sent out once a week as a cluster update and only includes links to the wiki or blog.

Social Book Marking

This can be an extremely effective way to organise and link to online resources from the blog posts and cluster wiki. However for Social Bookmarking to work it needs to be organised clearly under tags and also preferably bundled with clear descriptions for readers in the notes.
See the tag cloud on My as an example.

Cluster Shares

Organisation and collaboration for our ClusterShares are posted here. This has also been an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their new learning and how this is impacting on teaching and learning in their schools. See the links to the resource pages under each of the Cluster Share programme details.

Online Survey

Easy to manage and an excellent strategy for collecting data online. Would recommend you upgrade for around $20/month to receive reports etc.
Also here is an example of how a group of teachers have used the online survey to collect data on a trial of ePortfolios in their school.

Teacher Inquiry

This year we have included teacher inquiry as a process for building teacher capacity and opportunities for reflection. While these are still in progress you can view planning and organisation details and also view some of the results to date on the ClusterShare pages