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PhotoFUN Collaborative Project

Why is learning fun at our school?

We invite students and teachers to share why learning is fun at their school through digital photography by posting the best of their photos on our PhotoFUN blog at

If you have a photo that demonstrates the theme "Why learning is fun at your school" please post it on our blog with the following -

  • A title for your photo
  • Name of the school and class level of the person who took the photo
  • Optional - Name of the person who took the photo.

If your photo shows students or teachers please confirm that you have their permission to post the photo on the blog first.

Feedback - You can also support the PhotoFUN project by clicking the comments link on the blog and adding your positive comments and feedback, specifically in relation to some of the photography skills that Cathy outlined during the cluster share. Check the tip sheets at the below and Cathy's presentation

Teacher Resources

Cathy O'Hanlon's presentation and tip sheets from the cluster share.

Having problems keeping track of cameras and recharging batteries? Here is Sunnybrae's Solution

Virtual Portrait of a Story

Web Links

Click to view a selection of links to websites with ideas and tips on digital photography in the classroom.

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