Online resources available to NZ schools
There are so many online resources available sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Also it does take time to search through what is available. You may already have favourites that you are using however I have highlighted a few here that will be a useful start. When you are planning with your teaching teams it may be useful to identify one person to invest some time into selecting key sites or online resources and adding these to your intranet. As a team it will be important to select resources that are supported by relevant learning experiences and that students are familiar with the resource in order to maximise its potential to add value to their learning. Using and modeling online resources through the data projector or IWB is an effective way to both add value to the planned learning experience and familiarise students for use independently at a later stage. I would recommend the "quality not quantity" approach to identifying online resources, especially if you are building your own confidence using new resources. In other words select a few (thats maybe only 1 or 2) key resources that are used effectively.

If you need any support identifying and integrating any online resources please email me.

Also see the Quality Teaching Using Digital Resources that provides an understanding of how digital resources can support what learners need to do in order to develop and extend their literacy learning.



Digistore is a gateway to over 1200 Learning Objects and Assets available to NZ schools. Your school will need to register (see links below) for a user name and password. Learning objects are particularly useful when a concept is hard to represent, difficult or dangerous to replicate, or when repetition is required. Learning objects are most effective when incorporated into an existing programme of learning and are supported by relevant offline experiences (before and after use).

Acces to DIGISTORE is password protected. All Central North Shore cluster schools are registered. If you have forgotten your username and password ask your lead teacher or email Fiona

Schools register here for digiSTORE

Recommended - Access Learning Objects for Maths through NZMaths using the online matrix. Here you can easily select from recommended Learning Objects at each level.

Links that support digiSTORE
Links to other Learning Objects for Maths


A range of databases available to NZ schools. This link will take you through to the databases listed by subject with a description of the resources available. You will need to register or use the same login as you have for the Learning Objects on Digistore.

For Example:
Search the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica - including Britannica Student and Junior Encyclopedia for younger students. Britannica Online combines accurate information with easy searching and exceptional depth of coverage. Includes current events, pictures and links to relevant Internet resources. Download this pdf ( only 4 pages) to see an overview with images of some of the key features.

Junior Encyclopedia overview here

National Library of New Zealand

The National Library of New Zealand has links to many high quality historical resources including multimedia and reference material suitable for both teacher and student use. Select from a variety of books, prints, cartoons, ephemera, magazines, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, oral histories, photographs, and talking books.
In the Digital Collections you have access to a variety of online collections. For example:

  • Over 2,500 multimedia items available online, access to Discover is free.
  • Currently Discover supports the Visual Arts and Music disciplines of the Arts/Ngā Toi curriculum
  • Many of the items in Discover reflect New Zealand’s Māori and Pākehā heritage.
  • Includes contemporary and historical photographs, paintings, posters, video and music clips, as well as essays and bibliographies.
  • Highly relevant for other learning areas including science, social studies, technology (design), English (visual language strand), mathematics and history.

Te Ara Encyclopaedia of NZ
  • Includes multimedia and text resources to support studies and history of New Zealand
  • An online copy of the 1966 Encyclopaedia of NZ providing an excellent reference of NZ at this time.
  • Feature stories and news

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