Room 7, with Alyce Gardiner shared their views on the issues in China using Voice Thread.
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Barney Ganesan reflects on the effectiveness of a blog for learning in the classroom.

Vaha Surtees uses Youtube as a tool for communicating students' points of view about the Beijing Olympics.
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Annie McCabe explores the use of Voice Thread in the classroom
TKI Living Heritage - Alison shared the process her class went through to publish their inquiry on endangered species and important places on theTKI Living Heritage website at the Northcote Cluster Share

Alyce reflects on her use of the Electrocity website
Use this website to find out about ways
that electricity can be generated or conserved.

Vaha's Forensic Links
Link here to websites that Vaha demonstrated at the ClusterShare

Kylie Hodges
How can I develop the “mydesktop” space of our school Learning Management System, to encourage closer links between home and school?

Heather Smyth
How will the use of ICT support the inclusion of the L.S.C. students within the school?

Examples of students' digital diaries will be posted here shortly.

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