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Brendan Anderson

How can the use of Voice-Thread support oral language and children reflecting on their learning?

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Nichola Pearson

How can I best utilize the data projector in my room to engage the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners in my classroom?
How can I incorporate the data projector into most of my lessons?

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Nicola Thomsen

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Gordana Stanojevic

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Robyn Keen

How can pod casting add value to the Lexile Reading programme for our students?


Julie Rodgers & Sarah Whitfield

Can a learning object improve students motivation, attitudes and ability to subtraction?
Julie and Sarah have posted their reflection using a blog.

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Katya Tobolato

Photography - How can we integrate photography to support our year 1 class.

Kidpix - How can we support development of fine motor skills in Year 1 students?

I Made A Car
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Operation Phoenix North Shore
Room 3 Milford School

Lyn Potter a teacher who lives on the North Shore, was awarded a 20 week NZ. Science, Mathematics & Technology teacher Fellowship. Part of her assignment involved creating a teaching resource for schools which included how a group of staff from North Shore City Council fund raised in the community to build 6 new houses in Thalpitiya village, in Sri Lanka, after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Lyn worked with Room 3, a Year 5/6 class, to create a Living Heritage site called " Operation Phoenix North Shore ".
Thanks to Sue Lorimer from Milford School

Cluster Share - Teacher Reflections

The following resources and reflections were presented by staff at the Milford Cluster Share.


Brendon Anderson
Breakout 1 only:Brendon’s first session is aimed at Management/ICT leaders and will cover
the fixed installation of data projectors in classrooms. This will be a useful opportunity to ask
questions and explore the challenges of improving access and adapting infrastructure to
support effective use of new technologies in the classroom
Breakout 2 and 3: Brendon will follow this up by demonstrating strategies he has been
exploring for successfully integrating data projectors into everyday life in his Y5-6 classroom.
Resources Demonstrated:


Charlotte Barrance and Carolyn Brown
An opportunity to find out some useful strategies and how to overcome potential barriers to making the most of your virtual field trip. A practical and reflective discussion including links to support your planning and improving the experience for both students and teachers.
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Tina Walsh and Jillian Sommers
Jillian and Tina will share examples of how they have used the templates in Kidspiration to support learning in topics and literacy. Digital images will be shared along with reflections showing children working with these tools and some examples that teachers can utilise or adapt. Reflections will also be available from their inquiry.

Lexile Reading

Diane Ormiston, Lorraine Fisher and Sue Lorrimer
Diane has been using the Lexile Programme for over a year with her Yr 3 class. This year the programme has expanded to include Year 5 and 6. Diane will demonstrate the how teachers and children are using the Lexile Reading programme, supported by Lorraine and Sue who teach Yr 5-6 and have just recently started the progrmame with their students. Thet are carrying out a teacher inquiry this year with a group of students in their classes. Their reflections will be made available at the end of the year.
The introduction will explain the concept and purpose of the programme and will be followed by hands on using classroom computers to answer a quiz. Included is an opportunity to explore how a search of pupil results can assist teachers to gain an understanding of the profiles of an individual’s performance. Teachers will also share strategies that they have used to help mange the programme.

Visual Arts

Robert Phillips Room_7.jpg
Robert’s focus has been to explore how he can integrate Internet resources to support learning in the Visual Arts, with the aid of a newly installed ceiling mounted data projector. He has a year 5& 6 class and has found as his inquiry has progressed new avenues have been explored. He would like to share some ideas about this with you and perhaps hear more about ways you have used similar resources. Download Robert's notes here.

LOs & Subrtraction

Julie Rodgers and Sarah Whitfield
Can a learning object improve students motivation, attitudes and ability to subtraction?
Read Julie and Sarah's reflection here

Julie and Sarah will demonstrate the subtraction games and learning objects they have posted on the school intranet and share how they have been using them to support learning and teaching. They have also been exploring the use of a blog to reflect on their teacher inquiry. This blog is not available for public view yet.
Soccer Subtraction
Owl Subtraction
Rainforest Maths
Also don't forget the Subtraction LOs in digiSTORE - You will need your username and passwor