February 2009 Members of the Central North Shore ICTPD Cluster will share their knowledge and experiences building and sustaining a professional learning community and highlight the key strategies used to help ensure a 'change/shift' towards eLearning. Use of appraisal goal setting, teacher inquiry and the vital role of the Cluster wiki will be reviewed. This session will also provide suggestions for ways the cluster can sustain the momentum once the ICT PD contract has ended.

The following diagram maps our cluster's actions against key findings from the Teacher Professional Learning and Development: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (2007)
It has been created in Inspiration. If you do not have a copy of inspiration please view or download the slideshow or .pdf

Sunnybrae Normal School

Central North Shore ICT PD Cluster (2007)


Wander and Wonder - A selection of quotes from New Zealand and International perspectives with a focus on learning communities.

Consider each of the quotes and stand beside one that resonates with you (Not necessarily because you agree with it) Share your thoughts with others and listen for commonalities and differences.

Final Word Strategy (Robert Garmston)

To deepen our understanding of the qualities of a professional learning community.

A strategy that supports quality dialogue and enables individuals to share their thinking and practice their listening.

Reading used:
Teacher Professional Learning and Development: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (2007)
Other Resources used:

Shifting the Status Quo Presentation

Sample Appraisal - Goal Setting Sheet

e-learning in a Year 2 Classroom
Helen Rennie-Younger and Geeta Naran
Sunnybrae Normal School

In this session we will outline a number of e learning strategies embedded within our inquiry - The Kiwi - A journey of survival. The ways we have used kidpix, photography, inspiration and a virtual field trip will be highlighted. Helpful hints on managing a class of children through specific e-learning tasks will be shared. Sharing our learning with a wider audience via a classroom blog will also be explored.

L@S 09 Presentation



Click on the links below to view the websites that supported our inquiry 'A Journey of Survival'

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
YouTube-saving the kiwis
Maria Gill - author of Operation Nest Egg
Save the Kiwi Trust

LEARNZ movie - featuring a health check for Storm the kiwi.