Jamie McKenzie will be facilitating a full day with our cluster on Saturday 21st July, 2007.McKenzie.jpg
Sunnybrae Normal Primary School Hall
The programme will start at 9am and finish at 3pm ( see below for programme details)
Morning Tea and Lunch will be provided. If you have any special dietary requirements please email Jennie Stewart by Wednesday.
Car parking will be available on the courts to the right of the main admin block at Sunnybrae Normal School.

"Jamie McKenzie is an exceptional speaker and he has vast experience of how technology can and should be integrated into educational systems. His From Now On web site and his Questioning site are two of the most practical and most inspiring sites on the internet" www.enhancelearning.ca

If you would like to read more about Jamie and his work please explore online at MyDelicious

Recommended Reading>>>
Putting an End to Topical Research
We need to replace topical research with questions of importance. No more "Go find out about China!” When students conduct topical research, they do little more than scoop up information. Topical research requires little thinking and little imagination. It pays few dividends (Jamie McKenzie, 2007).

Notes from the presentation on Saturday 21st July
All notes from Jamie's presentation are here

Online resources used by Jamie
Google Search Advanced
Beating the Tests
The Research on Proficient Readers and Strategic Reading
How Is the NAEP Reading Assessment Designed Reading Questions that Jamie used in the keynote

Exploring Numbers PowerPoint Presentation
Numeracy in the News
Royalty Free Photos

Session 1: 9:00 - 10:30am – Keynote
Replacing Topical Research with Inquiry that Matters

Jamie argues that topical research is mind numbing and a waste of students' time - the mere gathering of information requiring little thought or imagination. He shows how research might focus on questions of import that would require that students make answers instead of collecting them.

Session 2: 11:00 - 12:30pm
Power Learning 1.0: Creating Student-Centered, Problems-Based Classrooms with Dynamic New Technologies
Learn how to focus classroom investigations around decisions and problems drawn from the community and the global neighborhood. Engage students in making their own meaning from the vast new information landscape which is made readily and rapidly available thanks to new technologies.

Session 3: 1:30 – 3:00pm
Power Learning 2.0: Using problem-based learning strategies teams will seek a high level of synthesis and idea making.
• Experience firsthand the challenge of moving beyond interpretation and understanding to synthesis - the actual construction of new ideas.
• Consider how the role of classroom teacher changes in such a program.
• Witness how we may provide structure and scaffolding to maintain quality and focus.