April 5th 2007

The Status of your Ministry- Funded software arrangements
In your latest MoE correspondence you will find a yellow sheet that outlines the status of the current Ministry funded software arrangements. Negotiations are complete and all products have been renewed until 31 December 2009 with some changes that you will find outlined in that communication.
Datacom will mail relevant forms directly to schools shortly as you are required to subscribe in full under the new agreement. Once you have completed this you will be sent the new media packs containing the updated software in the next couple of months.
Contact details for datacom if you do not receive them are here http://www.dsv.co.nz/moe/

It is important that you complete these forms otherwise your software is not licensed. Also when your new media pack arrives ensure it is stored somewhere safe.

Changes to note:
Windows users have new collaborative tools Groove and One Note. MS Front Page is replaced by Sharepoint Designer and Encarta is now MS Student with Encarta Premium. The upgrade version of Vista is MS Vista Business. I would recommend you read the attached document Microsoft Vista and Office 2007: Interim report with recommendations on adoption and deployment, and discuss with your Network Service provider before going ahead and upgrading all your computers to Vista.

Mac schools will notice one significant change. MS Office for Mac will only be licensed on TELA Laptops and School Admin computers not classroom computers. KidPix for Mac and iWorks will now be included in the license and sent to schools.