Cluster Share April 2008 Programme
Sunnybrae Normal School

Teacher Resources and presentations from breakouts

3.30pm Afternoon Tea
3.50pm Welcome and organisation
4.00pm - 4.40pm Session 1
4.45pm - 5.25pm Session 2

Please register for two of the five breakouts below. Select the breakout link for the registration page, then click 'edit this page' and enter your name in the name column of the table for session 1 and repeat for another breakout for session 2. Don't forget to click save. A limit of 15 for each session has been set however breakouts may be repeated at the next cluster share. You will need to be a member of the wiki to edit a page and add your name. Instructions are below or request assistance from a member of the wiki ( facilitators, principals and lead teachers are all able to edit pages)

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ClusterShare 1 Breakout 1

Catering for individual needs. We will share how we integrated three ICT tools to personalise learning.
• Writers’ Window: extending gifted writers (Anna Blair).
• PowerPoint: designing maths games with a problem solving focus (Karen Rodger).
• Digistore: using maths learning objects to support group work (Charlotte Morley).

ClusterShare 1 Breakout 2

A brief walk through the ICT kete on tki. This site contains a large number of teaching resources that have been specifically targeted for NZ classrooms. A hands on workshop where you will have the chance to have a look at some of these ICT resources and learn quick access tips. This workshop was presented at the recent Learning @ Schools conference in Rotorua by Penny Harrison ( ICT on tki team leader) and she will join with Takapuna Primary in presenting this workshop. She is the expert, come and enjoy this session, as it will inform you, broaden your tki experiences and support you in your classroom. ( Margaret Harris and Penny Harrison)

ClusterShare 1 Breakout 3

We will share our experiences with blogging and the ongoing journey. We will review how we have been able to use blogging as a teaching tool and platform for sharing learning with the wider school community. During this session you will identify the teaching and learning purpose for a blog and thus plan a vision for your own blog. Links to tools and tips for creating your own blog will be shared. (Stephen Gordon and Leanne Barlow)

ClusterShare 1 Breakout 4

In this breakout Helen will demonstrate how ICT practices have been successfully embedded within an inquiry approach to learning in the junior classroom. This will include sharing how a Year 0 -1 students have used a Digital Diary and blog respectively to record and reflect on their learning during an inquiry on the water cycle and their current inquiry topic Discovering Our Backyard.. Making use of relevant online resources will be highlighted (Helen Rennie-Younger, Felicity Gamby)

ClusterShare 1 Breakout 5

In this breakout Robert will share how he has integrated the use of the dataprojector and digital images to support visual arts in the classroom. This includes tips for planning and strategic use of ICTs to support student learning. ( Robert Phillips)