Cluster Shares 2007

Cluster Shares 2007

Northcote Intermediate

Tuesday 23rd October
3.30 - 5.30pm
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3:30pm – 3:50pm Afternoon Tea
3:50pm – Welcome - Rose Neal Principal Northcote Intermediate
3:55pm – 4:10pm Teacher Inquiry: Feedback options for the end of term from Fiona
4:15pm – 4:35pm Session 1
4:40pm – 5:00pm Session 2
5:05pm – 5:25pm Session 3

We will divide into 3 groups and rotate through each of the sharing sessions described below. Again we encourage you to view this as an opportunity to share and participate in a professional conversation with colleagues from cluster schools.

Intranets, Student Voice and Personalising Learning - Lead by Annie
A key goal for NIS has been to develop the school intranet and explore opportunities to strengthen links between school and community. Annie will share the process, student work and some of the results including a unit of work exploring conflict. Teachers modelled the concept of conflict using the context of ANZAC. Students self selected past and present examples of conflict in the world and carried out an investigation. As a means of communicating their views and understandings about the impact of conflict they innovated lyrics to an existing piece of music and recorded it. This was then posted through the school intranet making it accessible to an audience.
Other examples of student learning that have been supported through the development of the school intranet will also be shared.

Problem Solving DNA Detectives - Lead by Vaha:
Vaha has used a variety of online resources including games and Learning Objects to capitaslise on the students interest in forensics. These have been integrated to support a unit on conflict and debating during Term 3. Vaha will explain the process including feedback and recommendations from this experience. There will also be an opportunity to explore some of these for yourself.

Online Games - Lead by Alyce
Alyce successfully utilised a new online educational game to add value to the “Save the Earth” unit in Term 3. She will share how it has been used to motivate and clarify student understanding of concepts. This will include how the games have been integrated to reinforce and support objectives in maths and literacy, and its impact on student learning.

Takapuna Primary School

Tuesday 4th September
3.30 -5.30pm

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ePorfolios Kurt and TraceyPhotoStory with Jo, Martin and KarenBlogging with Jane

Did You Know?

Here is a copy of the original "Did You Know?" video that Margaret shared with us today. This video has been the source of much debate since it was posted by Karl Fisch. I would also recommend you read this post by Tom Hoffman Did You Know? I WANT TO BELIEVE. which also includes comment from Karl. There is also an updated version fo the video based on more recent data that can also be viewed online here.
The intention of Karl Fisch was..."never meant to be "scholarly" or "authoritative." It was meant to highlight some of the changes that were/are happening, and give my staff an idea of the trends that I saw and what that might mean for our students. I still think the presentation does a decent job of that. (Also, keep in mind that the original presentation starts with 8 slides about my school, which I think changes the tone from the version that starts with the China and India stuff)." (Fisch, 2007)
I believe that it is important for us, as New Zealand teachers, to consider and discuss how these trends relate to New Zealand and their relevance, or not, to our students and their learning.

Session Details

Session Choices

Parking: Teachers can park at NSTC off Anzac St or outside the office in Auburn St or in Collins St (off The Terrace).

Laptops: Please note some sessions require you to bring your laptop.

3.30pm - 3.50pm Arrive at Takapuna for afternoon tea in the library.
3.50pm Welcome - Margaret Harris, Principal Takapuna School
Cluster Notices
4.00pm -4.35pm Session 1
4.40pm - 5.15pm Session 2

Milford Primary School

Teacher Inquiry
Tuesday 31st July
3.30 -5.20pm

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Teachers at Milford Primary will share, through a selection of classroom-based breakouts, the eLearning inquiries they have been exploring this year. These include a variety of ways they have been utilising ICTs to support student learning along with challenges and recommendations. It is hoped that as you attend each of these sessions you will also be able to contribute and support teachers by sharing your experiences, so that these sessions might develop as a professional conversation. Select 3 choices from this list, 1 for each of the breakouts.

3.30pm - 3.50pm Arrive at Milford for afternoon tea in the hall
3.50pm Welcome - Lee Hopkirk, Principal Milford School
3.55pm Teacher Inquiry: Options you may like to consider for feeding back to the cluster on the outcomes of your teacher inquiry this year - Fiona
4.10-4.30pm Breakout 1
4.35-4.55pm Breakout 2
5.00-5.20pm Breakout 3

Below is a pdf with a description of each of the breakouts. Please download and make your choices before Tuesday if possible. The programme will be along the lines of a bus stop. On the day a map of the school will be supplied clearly marking the classroom location for each breakout We will aim to start you at different numbers to avoid congestion with a maximum of 10 people in a breakout at one time if possible.

Sunnybrae Normal School


Tuesday 15th May
3.30pm - 6pm

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PhotoFUN collaborative project and Teacher Resources

Photo by Brooke Year 5
kate.jpgPhoto by Jenny Year 5Jenny.jpg

Digital Photography in the Classroom
Many of you have been exploring how digital photography can been used in a variety of contexts to add value to student learning experiences. PhotoFUN is the theme of our second cluster share lead by Cathy O'Hanlon, DP at Sunnybrae Normal.
Cathy will share some of what she experienced attending a 2 day workshop exploring visual language solutions using digital photography including covering the basics of camera operation and effective photography and classroom examples. This will lead on to a practical hands on session where you will have an opportunity to try out some of these activities which can also be adapted and used with your students.
As a result of the PhotoFun Cluster Share you will also have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative project where students will be encouraged to share their learning through digital photography.

Please bring a digital camera (either your own or one from your school) There will be extra cameras available at Sunnybrae too. Please check it is fully charged or that you have a spare set of batteries. Feel free to bring your USB cable and laptop if you like. This is not essential but if you want to download pictures there and then you can.



3.30pm - 4.00pm Arrive at Sunnybrae for afternoon tea/mix and mingle in the staffroom
4.00pm Welcome - Jennie Stewart, Principal Sunnybrae Normal School
4.05pm Digital Photography - Using Digital Photos in the Classroom: Examples from classroom teachers.
Lynette Serjeant - ESOL
Geeta Naran, Glenda Pretorius, Hamish Betts, Stephen Gordon
4.25pm The mechanics of taking a good photograph - Cathy
4.45pm Hands On - PhotoFUN Activity
5.30pm Group Sharing - Sunnybrae Teachers
5.45pm PhotoFun Collaborative Project - Fiona
6.00pm Finish

Northcote Primary School

Virtual Field Trips

Tuesday 27th March
3.30pm - 6pm
Explore a Virtual Field Trip Teachers explored an archived field trip and recorded their ideas and thinking here.

Teacher Resources Here


Virtual Field Trips

Field trips are a valuable way of connecting classroom concepts to real-world situations. However, there are times that a field excursion is logistically difficult, too costly, the location too remote or dangerous to visit. Online field trips provide students with the opportunity to virtually explore and learn through highly interactive experiences and activities. These are facilitated by educators and specialists in the field and, through the technology now available to us, can expand the nature and interactivity of the virtual learning experience.
Our first cluster share will explore the use of virtual field trips in a New Zealand context with teachers from Northcote Primary sharing how they have used a virtual field trip to add value to student learning. You will have the opportunity to explore a virtual field trip and find out how to register and organise access for your school.


3.30pm - 4.00pm Arrive at Northcote Primary for afternoon tea/mix and mingle in the hall.
4.00pm Welcome - Deborah Heasman, Principal Northcote Primary
4.10pm What is a virtual field trip? Introduction,rationale and outline for the afternoon - Vanessa Johnson, Lead Teacher Northcote Primary
4.20pm Northcote teachers will share a virtual field trip "Kiwi" that they participated in last year including how it was integrated into the classroom programme with examples of student learning - Led by Helen Rennie-Younger, Lead Teacher Northcote Primary
They will also step you through the nuts and bolts of how you can register and take part in a virtual field trip and answer questions.
4.45pm Hands on session in the classroom - you will collaborate with other teachers from the same class level to explore an archived virtual field trip from 2006.
5.30pm Meet back in the hall for feedback
5.45pm Conference call with LEARNZ educator - Audrie McKenzie
6.00pm Finis