Cluster Share Tuesday 12 August 2008. Venue: Takapuna Primary
3.30pm Afternoon Tea
3.50pm Welcome
Cluster Presentation: Jennie Stewart Sunnybrae Normal:
Integrating a learning management system

4.15pm - 4.45pm Session 1
4.50pm - 5.20pm Session 2

Cluster Presentation: Sunnybrae
Integrating a learning management system

In 2008 Sunnybrae Normal School have been developing a Learning Management System from scratch using Moodle, a free online piece of software, to create DiscoveryZone, with the support of Kiwischools. We will share the rationale, vision, process, challenges and outcomes. We have recently launched the site to our student and parent community ... very much a work in progress as we continue to explore the possibilities the software provides to engage learners and strengthen links with our parent community .

Breakout 1
Kurt will explore some exciting ways that digital images can be manipulated to create effective and unique art projects. He will give practical examples using Photoshop, Picture Manager, Kid Pix and mosaic creation software. (Note: a large part of this session will be the same as previous cluster share session, an opportunity if you missed Kurt's session at the last cluster share)
Breakout 2
Bernie and a student from her year 3/4 class will share
some of the digital art they have worked on for their e-portfolios.
They will show practical examples of how they
used PowerPoint and Paint to re-tell stories.

Listen to Will's podcast below...

Will Is The Man Rats
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Will's Storyboard
Will's Books

Breakout 3
Data Projectors in Senior Classes
Brendon Anderson and Nichola Pearson will demonstrate some of the ways they utilise data projectors daily, in almost every lesson in their Year 6 classes. Including current events, maths, art, reading, oral language and sharing ideas. Please come with ways/lessons you have used data projectors for to share with others.

Breakout 4
Jo and Miriam will share ways in which they have integrated wikis into the everyday life of their classrooms at both a middle and senior level. This session will explore ways in which wikis have been used as learning centres (at both home and school), as ways of sharing student learning, and the process undertaken to make these successful. Also links to the NZC and effective pedagogy.

Wikispaces in the Classroom
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Breakout 5
Vivien and Barbara - Our journey through the ICT contract from digital camera, to Movie Making, to blogging. Strategies for using moving images in the classroom to bring learning to life will be demonstrated and shared.

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Dancing Beijing


Dancing Beijing


I have posted this clipin the spirit of the2008 Summer Olympics and Dancing Beijing, the name of the official emblem.