Central North Shore ICT PD: Cluster Shares
"Qualities of professional communities that promoted teacher and student learning...the focus was on analysing the impact of teaching on student learning...artefacts representing student learning helped ground discussions" (Teacher Professional Learning & Development: BES, 2007)

The concept of the 'Cluster Share' was developed to support and strengthen the cluster as a professional learning community. The purpose of the cluster shares was to:
• provide a supportive environment for teachers to collaborate and explore new information and the implications for teaching and learning.
• facilitate opportunities for shared learning amongst cluster schools, both face-to-face and through the cluster wiki
• support the cluster's planned teaching as inquiry focus for 2007-2008

Browse the presentations and resources from Cluster Shares 2007 and Cluster Shares 2008
The following posts from Fiona's blog review each of the Cluster Shares from 2007-2008