The Ulearn conference was a great success and we have all taken away a lot of inspirational ideas. Learning about the new curriculum and how to implement it by Trudy Francis was very interesting and we have downloaded many of her additional information.

There have been some fantastic guest speakers with great visions for the future in schools. I know we have been motivated to adapt and change our planning for Term 4 this year in order to include more community based activities which will be thought provoking for the children and encourage them to think more deeply.

Trial and error was also an issue raised and that we are the last generation of teachers who have the power to influence the children of the future. Many speakers vision was that in 2020 children will need to develop the skills to perform well in the business world in jobs and technologies that have not even been invented yet.

The key competencies which feature in the new curriculum are definitely the way forward in our schools, so we as teachers, need to give them, the children of the future the skills needed which can be adapted and changed with the times. Having strong morals and values is going to be a more integral part of future learning into the next generation.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to extend our knowledge and skills in I.C.T and to gain an understanding of learning in the future. We had a fantastic time and met fascinating people. Thanks again.

By Claire-Louise Garnett and Nicola Thomsen

October 2008