Carole Davey Takapuna Primary School
Class level: Years 1 & 2
Question: How can developing e stories with students enhance literacy learning?
Focus: Teacher/Peer modeling with the data projector - Expanding sentences with descriptive detail

TOPIC: Me and my environment - Habitats for bird life
HABIT OF THE MIND: Questioning and problem posing
KEY COMPETENCY: Managing self & Thinking

*Immersion in the topic - Background information gathered through Virtual Field trip, Internet sources/resources, Books, Video, Posters, Conversations, Role play, Drama, Don Binney paintings, Songs & poems, Observations of birds in school playground, Photos.
*Co-constructed Essential Question: Related to personal action taken to enhance our school & local living landscape and attract birds to the school.
*Children set personal research questions reflecting interests in the topic. Partnership with parents.
*Songs down loaded from net and used to create collaborative innovations with students.
*Trees for tuis - Searching the net - Note taking & note making skills modelled - Pictorial, Highlighting, Skimming and scanning.
*Graphic organisers - sorting and sequencing.
*Creative writing using sensory imagery - sequenced on individual paintings.
*Small toys set up in learning centre - background for narrative decided on by students
*Class collaborative story board to create a narrative. Teacher scaffolding through questioning students. Learning intention / Success criteria decided on - Characters, setting, problem (related to enviro. issues), how to solve the problem. Start, middle, end. Ideas in order.
*Teacher modelling use of digital camera - Students take photos following story board sequence.
*Data projector used to develop a sequential story-line collaboratively with students. (Teacher/Peer modelling)
*Story reread and collaboratively enhanced with descriptive detail on 2nd viewing.
*Students' dialogue introduced and recorded into narrative - natural responses from a group of students.
*Thumbnails printed for students to sequence individually - Assessment task
*Students write own versions of the class narrative scaffolded with the thumbnail pictures.(Learning intention and success criteria reviewed - ongoing.)
*Students' peer and self reflection built into process.
*Innovations - Students decide to write to Principal re planting specific trees/plants for tuis, create bird feeders & birdhouses leading into Term 3 topic - Living Landscapes.
*Power point show shared with parents and other students at school assembly.

Support needed:
*ICT facilitator supported me when adding students' dialogue to power point show.

Benefits to using ICT to enhance literacy learning:
*Resources brought to the classroom and shared
*Sequencing of pictures and ideas improved
*Scaffolding with the thumbnails enhanced their narrative writing with students writing sequentially
*Confidence grew in talking about the learning intention and success criteria of the narrative genre
*Greater use of the skills of alliteration, similes and other descriptive detail in narrative writing
*Involvement of parents in the learning process
*Collaborative team work initiated