How can I use kidpix in a meaningful and practical manner to engage children in their everyday learning
Make kidpix a part of the daily task board
To explore the many uses of kidpix
To include the use of cameras and the data projector with kidpix

Reference and Resources:
Lynn, team leader
Staff at school
Cluster share meetings
Feedback on your experiences:
I took a while to get into the routine of getting the children working on the computer during the school day. Learning to set up the data projector was time consuming and I tended to put it off. However, I eventually got it sorted out and we used it as an introduction to Kidpix. I set up our first learning intention and task and it then became part of the task board.

I felt hesitant about only having 2 computers in my class and wondered at the practicality of getting the whole class having a turn on a regular basis as at my last school we had a computer suite, which I found really useful to teach new skills to the whole class. Even though regular computer time is part of the daily routine, I’m not sure if I’m doing enough!

However, besides the children’s individual tasks, we have done some fun class things together on the computer using kidpix, the data projector and the camera. (I will attempt to attach these to my feedback.)

Future directions:
I have only had 2 terms of PD and I feel that I still need to make more use of the data projector, so will continue to work on that this term.

I will also introduce some games this term.

I need to make time to explore the use of the internet, as I have not done this with my class either.

Upgrading my own computer knowledge is ongoing.