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What is a blog?

  • personal web page
  • contains regularly updated "posts" or entries

Why use a blog in your classroom?

  • gives writing purpose
  • great tool to share classroom activities with home
  • allows communication with other cities or countries in the world
  • parents can comment and give feedback
  • utilises technology in the classroom
  • motivates the reluctant writer

Who is blogging in our cluster?

My Learning Support Class here at Takapuna Primary has just started blogging this year. At the moment we are using it mostly to display work. It is currently very teacher managed but hopefully this will reverse as the year progresses.
My class blog
Leanne Barlow has set up a class blog with her Year 3 class.
Sunnybrae Primary's Y3 class blog
Helen Rennie-Younger has set up a class blog with her Year 1 class.
Northcote Primary's Y1 class blog

Other interesting class blogs

This link take you to the blog of Rachel Boyd, the teacher who made the video above. Something to aim for!!!
Nelson Central Y2-3 blog
Her ICT Journey
This teacher uses her blog as another way to keep parents up to date without a paper trail
Oteha Valley Primary blog

How do I set up my own blog?

This is the site to register and set up a blog thru. It clearly takes you thru each step but if stuck there is always the help pages to answer your question.
Create a blog using 'Blogger'
Allanah King has explained how to set up your own blog, step by step in the link below. Even I will say it is easy!!
How To construct a blog in one easy lesson
This blog by Allanah also outlines fine tuning your blog, adding links, adding clocks, hit counters and clustermaps etc
Bling 4 your blog
Fiona has lead English teacher's in the cluster through the process of establishing a group blog. This link outlines
making links within a blog, enabling / moderating comments on your blog, inserting video and articles on blogging.
ICTEnglish blog info

What other bells and whistles can I add?

The link below takes you to Fiona's page of blog tools
Blog tools
Other tools you will see on the above blogs that can be used to display photos/ text/ video/ sound.