If you would like to post to our PhotoFUN blog follow these instructions.
This should take about 10min and it might be useful to print these instructions to follow along to.

1. Email Fiona and ask to join the Blog.
2. You will receive an email inviting you to join Blogspot.

3. Click on the link in the email under the text To contribute to this blog, visit:
4. You will be connected to the website for blogger. Login using your google account if you have one or...
Click the link Create your account now
5. Complete the details on the page.
6. Now you are a member you will be automatically directed to your Blogger Dashboard

7. Save the Blogger Dashboard page in to your bookmarks or favourites.
8. This is the page you will go to when you want to contribute to the blog from now on. http://www.blogger.com/home
9. To post to the blog click New Post and add contents.
10. Click View Blog to see your published post