My Highlights
  • Organisation, rich presentations, hands on sessions and yummy food
  • Interaction with other teachers
  • Engulfed in an electronic environment – tweet, tweet, tweet
  • Being in the right place at the right time – Ulearn 08 – Christchurch

  • Sustainable practices in personal and professional life – begin in the classroom and reach out - What am I going to do for this planet? (Tony Ryan)
  • Must be willing to adapt to changes (Steven Carden)
  • Looking at becoming new learners not teachers.
  • Only if the learner has the ability to think about his own learning, actions, values and thinking, he is not going to develop into a lifelong learner who drives and owns his own learning journey. (Mark Treadwell)
  • Engaging, Collaborating, Sharing and Refining – key tools to make a meaningful change.

Resources / Links
  • NewsMaker a learning tool kit that motivates students to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • Hector’s World a website to teach children that some information is precious or special because it applies just to them.
  • Cybercitizenship Pathway a plan for cybercitizens (ECE to Year 13) to manage the use of information and communication technology with integrity and confidence.
  • Mark Treadwell’s CD ‘Whatever!’ The Conceptual Age and the Revolution of School v2.0 – a new paradigm and a new renaissance in learning.

I will be sharing the above information during a staff meeting.
Looking at using some inspiring ideas for the yearly planning from
· Mark Treadwell’s CD and
· Tony Ryan’s focuses on ‘Transformational Teaching’.