How can I use ICT tools and on-line resources to enhance literacy learning in my classroom?
At the start of this contract, I had minimal knowledge of tools available and didn’t know how to access them.
There was more pressure on me from management at my school to use it, than from parents.
I began looking at the sites on-line that Fiona showed me during her contact times. That gave me confidence to use NZ ones in class such as on Numeracy. I also started showing the class how to use simple programmes already made available on our school server such as Tizzy’s Toy box and Lynne’s Vivid English for :my NESB students.

Last year we were given a school digital camera. It was great to go on a course at Sunnybrae that shower us ideas for it’s use in class. It’s from that usage that I began to explore putting photos into PhotoStory and PowerPoint.

Relevance For Learning
I discovered that the learning was more interesting when my students saw themselves in the ‘story. We also enjoyed the collaboration aspect of it – sharing that sparked off many great ideas for our stories. We did one major one each term. Some were narratives based on a problem; others were procedural writing to explain a process we had developed; and others were reflective of our work. All stories were accessed by the students on the class computer, and I also had a copy printed in colour and laminated so it could be read and enjoyed each time it was visited by students and parents. Some were made into wall stories for reading and sharing. Sometimes the class used the microphone and did voice overs – that was powerful!
Where To Next?
The students are getting better at typing in words as they learn to navigate around the keyboard. But one question – are we encouraging 1 finger typists for the future?
We are using the PM benchmarks, firstly as shared stories on the projector, and now as an extra resource for children to use indendently as I have shown them how to use it in the class setting.

Helen R.Y. gave me a great website we have started to explore – http://www.starfall.com
It’s great to reinforce phonics and has humourous stories in it. The children enjoy it and as it holds their interest, They are learning well from it too. So yes, I can say confidently that ICT has enhanced literacy in my Year 1 class. I couldn’t have done it without the enormous help from Fiona and Lynne and Peers at school.

Thankyou. Bernice Hunt