Ulearn Reflection 2008 Bernice Hunt. Takapuna Primary.

My Highlights:
-Involved hearing the many presenters sharing their points of view, and having time to think and discuss some of these views with others while on conference. – Thinking about how I can implement some of these ideas into my classroom practice and what their implications are in doing so…

What value did I gain?
Listening to different speakers gave me an insight into where & how schools are heading & doing to meet new challenges in our world using new technologies. I especially enjoyed listening to Steven Carden with his ideas on strategies to ensure NZ prospers in the future.
- Useful information was gained from workshops such as HectorsWorld by Netsafe. –A great informative, fun programme to teach children safety using the internet and chat line websites.
- Mark Treadwell gave an informative lecture about the latest scientific findings on how our brains work. He re-established the need for conceptual learning for deeper understanding & more flexible learning.

Sharing of information has already happened with the sharing of resources I’ve brought back which included books, cards and notes from lectures with the staff. We are also sharing at our staff meeting. It was a very motivating and thought-provoking conference. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend.