· Blogs
· Using the data projector in the classroom – linking in inquiry
· Kidpix/movie maker/photo story

Am pretty confident with most ICT things but haven’t used a few things now for 2 years so just need reminders, Publisher

  • Knowledge of moodle & a genenal interest in other sites/progs such as wordle, glogster etc
  • I love using data projectors & am quite innovative. However you will never see this in action until we have blockout curtains & cabling installed.
  • I am the queen of youtube
  • I know what I know – which isn’t much J. I like to muck around with Publisher but am not an expert. I did the yearbook at my last school so I like the creative side.
  • Jane E taught me how to use Wordle so I’m pretty good at that but I guess everyone at Northcote knows about that!
  • I love surfing the net looking for resources

  • Integration of ICt into planning & teaching
  • Ability to ‘trouble shoot’
  • Technical & curriculum knowledge
    Utilisation of reading program “PM readers” in guided reading program
  • Encouraging the use of the net as a research tool for the children in my class
  • Developing specific skill focussed programs to ensure learners are skilled in the basics of ict

    Weak Spots
    · Programmes for the junior level of the school/ new web sites
    • The new LMS that we are setting up. How to adjust my page … just a re-going over would be good
    • Using the calendar and things on my email
      Wiki pages/blogs – whichever we are using, are they the same?
      • Knowledge Net
      • Editing movies, music & photos
        don’t know how to Blog or Wiki
      • I am interested in learning how to do anything really
      • Getting to know Knowledge Net
      • Understanding how to use equipment (in particular data projectors within the school, setup ect)
      • Review of learning programs on the NPS server and how people integrate them into their routine